Excited to be a part of change by Ally

I have never been so excited to be enrolled in a class. I have not only been excited, but also so eager to start this since last summer when Aaron and I began speaking about this class. I am the kind of student who loves to learn, and is put off when I am in a class where either the other students, or the professor, do not care about the material. I believe that in order to make anything count, you need to put in as much effort and passionate as possible. The fact that Aaron is so passionate about this topic, and that all of students in our class are so eager to learn, makes so proud to be a part of our special topics class.

Genocide is important to me because I know that there needs to be a change. Although I need to still learn why and how it is caused, and what advocacy has been done, I want to be a part of that change. I feel that one of the toughest aspect of genocide is the media. Problems are only as big as we make them, and they are not publicized or talked about, they might never be solved. In this week’s reading, the article “RTLM: A TOOL FOR MASS MURDER” truly stood out to me. It frustrated me that the media had so much to do with the genocide and caused that much of an impact. The same can be said about many problems elsewhere in the world- yet how do we make those changes? I could ponder that topic and become frustrated to no extent. On the other hand, the reading from last week which spoke about one person’s first hand encounter with escaping genocide had a huge impact on its audience (our class, and anyone else who read it). If only we could take stories and experiences like that the make them more public.

Although Jake and I are leading this trip, I still am at the beginning stages of learning about genocide (I believe Jake knows a good amount more than me, since he has previously taken a class on the topic). I am actually happy that most of us are learning about genocide from the same beginning level, so we can learn and feed off of one another. On that same note, I am so proud to have a class in conjunction with our trip (we are only the second trip ever at JMU to do that!). I feel that by learning so intensely about genocide, we will be able to do our best work possible while being in Phoenix. It is not only important to feel the need to volunteer, but to know and care about the issues concerning the reason you are helping the in the first.

I am so excited to get to know all of you and learn so much from everyone!


One thought on “Excited to be a part of change by Ally

  1. Great job, Ally! I love the passion for learning and for helping be a part of change. Realize that those two are related, if we aren’t committed to truly learning (from multiple perspectives) we cannot ever really help to be apart of change. Your point about the media is astute – genocide is a communicative crime and a crime that is actualized through discourse(s) … aaron

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