The “Real World” by Kelly

Genocide study is incredibly important because it is a part of history and therefore makes it part of the present. When the word ‘genocide’ is mentioned, I’m sure that 85% of individuals solely think of the Holocaust. It is unfortunate that before enrolling in this course, I could be considered one of those individuals. Genocide has affected so many individuals in the world and by studying our history along with the histories of others, we are able to gain a better understanding of the world around us.

This leads me to the reasoning behind why I am taking this course. As I am more frequently coming to the realization that I will be entering the ‘real world’ in a little less than four months, I also realize that I am completely unaware of the world around me. By studying genocide, I hope to open my eyes to the many histories that affected individuals of all cultures that I will faced with in this so-called ‘real world.’ I plan on growing as an individual who is an active member of society and who understands why people act the way they do. I think that by examining the past, especially genocides, we are able to better understand people today and people in the future.

During this class, I plan to confront harsh realities of how truly terrible some individuals can be. I think we all would like to push the worst part about individuals from our minds, but it’s about time that I submerge myself in the harsh truths about genocide. I know that during the course of this class, we will be faced with facts that we cringe at or that we hate to hear, but I plan on confronting those facts rather than trying to shove them aside, no matter how difficult it may be.

The toughest aspect of studying genocide will be reading about and discussing such gruesome things, and still being able to have a positive outlook on life. Although this class only meets once a week, the thoughts that we will be having about genocide will not just be thought during our two and a half hour sessions. Beyond those thoughts, the feelings that we will experience during class will not be able to be dismissed every Tuesday night at 7:30pm. Being able to remain positive and upbeat while learning about genocide will prove to be the toughest aspect of this course.



2 thoughts on “The “Real World” by Kelly

  1. I love the hope that you end with. As Jones discusses looking into the abyss is sometimes really tough. Keep in mind you have the agency to help influence the world positively – staying positive is key! … aaron

  2. I entered this class knowing so little about all the different genocides that have occurred in our world. You’re right; The Holocaust seems to be the main focus of study in our younger school years. Why is this? Why not highlight the other genocides so we can learn more about making a change towards a greater good? I enjoyed your blog post Kelly, and agree with you on many aspects of your writing….letting this all go at 730pm when class is over will be simply impossible, but will be worthwhile in the long run.


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