I Want to Make the World a Better Place – by Lauren

For as long as I can remember I have always studied and found interest in the topics such as third-world countries, poverty in other countries, genocides, children in third world countries and more.  I can remember talking about Darfur and my friends look at me as if I was talking about such a foreign topic.  It was always so weird to me that my friends didn’t know about these things happening in other countries and even though I did have an idea, I couldn’t give the information I wanted to give on such important and poignant topics.

For where I live and the way I grew up is 100% different than so many other people.  I think this is what makes me so frustrated.  Why and how at the same time, with so many advancements in our everyday life can genocides be still going on.  How come there and not here?  How can it not stop?  How can we let it all happen again?

All of these questions race through my head as I inquire more and more knowledge about such a heart-breaking topic.  It is flabbergasting to me that more people don’t know about something so big and over-taking, yet all of the world can know when Kim Kardashian and her husband get a divorce.  This, is why I want to study genocides.  I want to bridge the gap between the ignorance, stereotypes and turned shoulder to the actual truth and devastation of the matter.

I am beyond blessed and thankful for the life I am living.  I have the best family and friends, a continuing education, a great home and endless amounts of food.  It is beyond sad to say that so many people do not even have that and that is the least of their worries.   Their worry each day is to survive and make it through another day hoping and praying to see their family again.  How can this even happen? It blows my mind.

Hopefully throughout this course I will be able to see that genocides are not just killing sprees, and that is so much more.  I want to be able to know this knowledge that is so important, tell others and get others heated about it so therefore one day maybe genocides can be put to an end.

There is so much going on in our world, with knowledge and ideas and concepts being pushed beyond limits.  You would think that the concept of killing a whole race, ethnicity or any category would not be able to happen anymore.  I know that there are so many concepts that are put into play as to why genocides still occur such as sovereignty and more but I think the underlying problem of it all is a huge underlying issue.   An issue that no matter where you live, how much money you have, the color of your skin or anything still affects people day to day.  The issue that we need to be more open to other people, no one is better than you and you are not better than anyone else.

Diversity is everywhere.  It is not something we should turn our back to or be scared of, it is something that we should embrace and be proud of.  Accepting people is not only necessary but is what will make the whole world a better place.

I know I have a lot of views and thoughts and desires to make the world a better place.  I hope this class can open my mind, expand my knowledge and help me make a difference.  I am excited for everything that is in store for this class this semester, and the opportunity to open my mind and expand my knowledge.



One thought on “I Want to Make the World a Better Place – by Lauren

  1. Lauren – asking questions is a great way to start a conversation. Channel the frustration in search of answers and keep bringing this up to your friends. As we’ll lean and discuss – social networks carry a great deal of influence. Keep working to bridge the gap! … aaron

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