On Scarcity by Jake

Sitting down in Dhall today I had a salad, a sandwich, a banana, three cups of water, and a cookie. I swiped my JAC card and within five minutes I was surrounded by food. Something that I find amazing is how unbelievably fortunate my fellow college students and I am. Reading these articles gives an amazing insight to the way other people in different areas of the world, both older, and younger than me, live their lives. Families in other areas of the world are forced to live in extreme conditions. One aspect that really disturbs me is the lack of resources, specifically food and water. There are some areas of this world that simply do not have enough drinkable water, or the means to harvest enough food to feed their populations. At this point those people have a choice. Either feed their family and children or starve. To be able to eat food and drink water is the basic necessity that one needs to survive. If someone were to threaten your survival, but more importantly your family’s survival, you would intervene unquestionably. This dilemma leaves me wondering what I would do in this situation; and why other countries don’t step in.


I often wonder why other countries don’t offer more resources as aide to these struggling countries. I also wonder why other countries haven’t tried to develop a more efficient way of harvesting resources or provided the means to do so. As the leaders of the free world, we have a vast array of not only financial wealth, but more importantly the technology and innovations to really establish a critical foundation in these starving and struggling areas of the world. The economic super powers have the ability to unite and save lives. I know there is a conservative tendency to say or think, well that’s how its always been, or it won’t ever change, and I find myself asking, why not?


I’m extremely interested in seeing what happens in the next twenty years. I feel that our generation is extremely open-minded and liberal. I know that I’m not the only one my age asking, why not? I truly believe that our generation has the ability and desire to take theory and put it into action. In less than twenty years from now college students my age will be able to be elected to the House of Representatives, to Congress, and as President. When they get elected, I hope that they still find themselves asking, why not?


One thought on “On Scarcity by Jake

  1. Jake – great job. Good reflections on our privilege which we will read about and discuss this week. It does strike – with plenty of resources in the world why do so many live in fear of survival and, perhaps more importantly, what are the implications of this reality. I hope your hope for the future is realized. I love the positivity and the enthusiasm. Might I pose a question for you … why wait? As we’ll discuss next week what refugees and victims need most is fame. aaron

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