Treat others as you want to be treated- Julieann


“Death of the victim group is necessary for the nation’s survival.” from Key Issues with Genocide. 

After reading this line in the article I found these words hard to process. Why do a few hateful people get to be labeled as a nation? Why are these few people the only people who get to survive? Why was a certain group of people chosen to be killed over another? Why do I feel like I’m reading a worse case scenario plane crash story where the survivors have to do some imaginable things to stay alive?

The psychology of the genocidaire may be scoffed at but can easily be bought into. In my leadership textbook the term influence tactics was mentioned; a person’s behavior which influences another’s attitudes. The genocidaire strategically plans influence tactics to change the minds of potential followers-killing a group of people for a nation’s survival. The fact that these people can carefully craft messages that can make such an impact on a large group of people is scary. When you are looking at this situation from an outside point of view it is easy to say that you would not follow the over the top thinking, but when you are in a bad situation and know no different it is hard to say that you wouldn’t follow the ideas presented in front of you, especially if there was going to be a change that you could benefit from.

Because we are in a society where the psychology of the genocidaire is questioned and ridiculed it is hard for us to understand why someone could do such a thing. But in order to make steps toward alleviating the genocide problem we must set our own preconceived notions aside and understand why the ideas of “death of a victim group is necessary for the nation’s survival” is a conclusion that some come to. Yes this hard and uncomfortable to most but, a even more uncomfortable and scarier outcome, more instances of genocide, could surface if we don’t try to understand and take action.

I will admit that I am the first person to speak negatively about those committing genocide. I do it because I do not understand the idea behind it and I do not understand how something this severe can be happening with no intervention until it becomes a HUGE problem.  But after the first few classes I have pushed these things aside and tried to understand what is going on in the minds of these genocidaires to help me fully accept what is going on, what I can do to help, and create awareness at least within at least my group of friends.


One thought on “Treat others as you want to be treated- Julieann

  1. Great job, Julieann! It is so very tough to set aside our frames of reference when we talk and think about genocide. It’s also hard to resist the urge to castigate the genocidaire. Even the notion of actor and agency create an environment that requires caution.Your post hones in on a couple of key insights – genocide requires leadership and those leaders use communication to prepare people for the horrors of genocide. It is those folks, in the leadership positions, that we must focus on heading off. Great job … aaron

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