Question. -Gina

Hotel Rwanda was a great movie and knowing that it’s a true story is inspiring. The point that there was really no outside involvement at the time was impacting.

I’m taking another class on genocide and we’re currently learning about the Holocaust. During that time, even the Pope and the Catholic Church remained neutral with Nazi, Germany and The SS. It’s understandable, for all we know things could have gotten worse had the Church gotten involved. Hitler shot fear through everyone.

Although the fact that there are these barriers amongst powers that can actually make a difference or do something about such events turns back to our class discussion on embracing the messiness.

The Messiness.

There are people who don’t care about issues that don’t involve them. People who have higher priorities. People who believe that it is none of their business that lives are being taken under the title Genocide.

One of our first articles was on the U.N convention that defined genocide right after the Holocaust ended. At the convention, it was decided that they would never again let anything like the Holocaust happen again. To me, that part of the story is bologna because I’m taking two classes on Genocide this semester that dismiss their promise.  My classes mainly focus on events post-WWII.

In the movie, the American reporters admitted that when they share videos of what horrendous events were taking place in Rwanda, Americans would probably say that it was horrible… but then move on with their lives. This was an applicable example of American’s when they’re exposed to any sort of media. What can we do to penetrate into their minds that they can help also? That every person has the capability of taking part in this mess. We can take it a step closer towards the positive line.


But seriously, what could we do?



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