What do you do with a Help-less Feeling? By Lauren

Hotel Rwanda was done playing yet the images were not even close to being done playing in our minds.  Our class sat there with not too much to say aloud but with every question and defeating thought running around in our mind.  How could we get those images of this movie out of our mind when we knew this actually happened, and has happened dozen times before in other countries.  I remember sitting there after class with probably the most defeated attitude and sense of that I am just one person I could never change such things as what happened in Rwanda from happening again.  How can you move on from this?

But then, after a moving email from Aaron, and a discussion about the movie with my roommates after it really got me thinking.  If I was feeling so defeated just by watching these events happening, how in the world did the actual victims feel?  Watching their friends and family die, run, hide for months just because of their race.  How did they not just give up, or how did they just not get enraged with anger that they attacked back even worse?  It is an unbelievable amount of admiration to take in that I have for all these poor, innocent victims.  This movie has a message that you truly can’t even put into words.  It makes you take into account what really matters and how much family and friends mean to you.   The character Paul in the movie put everything on the line just to protect his family, friends and neighbors.  He could have left at any time but chose what was most important.   He is the epitome of a self-less man.

Paul is also a true example of how even though he is just one man, he made the biggest difference.  He saved so many lives by putting everything out there and doing what he knew was best.  Did he, himself stop the genocide between the Hutus and the Tutsis? No, but he was so influential and helpful and that is something that is so liberating and puts hope in such terrible situations.  To know that the good can arise in such a black hole situation.

Therefore, instead of leaving the viewing of Hotel Rwanda in down spirits thinking the world is just a terrible malicious place.  Let’s look at the good that arises from the evil.  Let’s admire the strength of the people that put everything on the line just to survive and protect their people.  If we can imitate just an ounce of the strength, hope and love that Paul had we all would be better people.  It is inspirational and beyond admirable.  Take the help-less feeling and remember there is always someone else out there that if not having a worse day than you at least can understand and relate to where you come from.  Take that reassurance and remember that you can make a difference.  Even if it isn’t life changing’s, anything to make this world a better place never goes unnoticed or doesn’t not influence or affect at least someone.


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