Sharing Knowledge by Sam

The coming of Tuesdays brings with it a feeling of heaviness and sometimes fear.  Fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a treat.  Fear can be mixed feelings of dread and reverence.  This week in class, many of us opened up about our own fears regarding the trip, such as asking the wrong questions to the lost boys, or saying the wrong thing.

In my lifetime, it has been stressed by teacher after teacher that no questions is a ‘stupid’ or ‘wrong’ question, yet some of us still fear we will ask a silly question or say the wrong thing.  I believe the thing we most fear is insulting one of the lost boys, or making a story seem less significant only because of the way we react to it.  I choose to remove all fear, for it will get us nowhere in this world if we fear what we don’t know.  As long as the questions we pose are questions that come from the heart, that we want answers too, I feel there cannot be a wrong question.

The importance of the trip is learning more about the lost boys struggles, and to better understand, we simply must ask the questions.  The reason fear creeps into all of us is because the subject matter is so sensitive.  We must take this fear and this sensitivity, and construct it in a new way.  Open the mind, open the heart, clean out the ears, and listen to the words.  Often times, people say the healing process can occur when people speak of their troubles.  We must be the ears to the lost boys, for their stories need to be shared, and with the new knowledge we ourselves have collected, we must go home and share the lost boys’ stories to others.  The paperclip affect we all love to discuss in class can occur.  Link by link, we must share these stories to our families, our friends, and with each story shared, more knowledge in this world will be created.  With great knowledge, comes great responsibility.  This class is heavy because it is teaching us how we will carry the stories shared to us through the world.  We will be new voices to the lost boys, and with each question asked by us, and answered by the lost boys, the knowledge will grow, as will the strength to continue on.


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