Desensitized by Becca

How are you all dealing with the darkness of the class? That was the question posed on Tuesday in class and it is one that I have been struggling with since then. To be completely honest, I am almost un-fazed by the topics of this class and it never occurred to me as being a problem until the question was posed. I have been exposed to stories of genocide for as long as I can remember and am at the point where I am almost desensitized to it. I have heard more stories that I can count about terrible experiences in the holocaust. It has become a routine part of my life and has become something that I almost see as normal (for lack of a better word and as terrible as that sounds). I don’t find this class especially dark because it is nothing I haven’t seen or heard before. It makes me furious that I have gotten to this point. Every single person who has been persecuted because of his or her beliefs, race or affiliation deserves as much attention as any other and I should not let the stories I have heard downplay the stories I have yet to hear. I was put a little at ease when Aaron said that trivialization of genocide is a large problem that is being talked about but that still doesn’t make it ok. On the one hand, we find it so important to educate about genocide and we always say that we learn about it so that history does not repeat itself but I never considered that it would be possible to teach about it too much. It never occurred to be that we could be desensitized because we hear about it so much. So I guess my struggle is how to do teach enough about it without trivializing the topic? And, how do I make myself more fazed by our class? I wish I had more insight; I am just frustrated. I hope that realizing the lack of a feeling of darkness will help me grasp it better and I hope that going on our trip will bring back feelings of anger and frustration. It is not that I want to be sad and upset, but I want it to matter more to me.



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