Cerebral Suitcase by Jami

Last night we all gathered at Clementine’s in downtown Harrisonburg for what I decided was similar to the last supper, if you will, before we begin our long anticipated journey to Phoenix. Ally and Jake, our wonderful trip leaders compiled a packing list for all of us that listed all of the tangible things we need to bring in our suitcases. Camera, check. Shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, check, check and check. While the packing list is definitely going to come in handy as I drag out my suitcase and begin to pack up, I’ve already began packing another suitcase as well.

This isn’t a suitcase that I’m going to have to check and claim in the airport. It’s not a tangible suitcase, but it still holds very important and necessary things that I know I am going to need to bring with me on this trip. Without them, I may feel lost, out of place, and overwhelmed. I can’t recall ever spending 7 weeks packing for a trip, but I guess there is a first time for everything, right? Ever since our first class meeting 7 weeks ago, I have been, even somewhat unconsciously at times, packing a “cerebral” suitcase in preparation for Saturday, March 3, 2012. Since a cerebral/cognitive suitcase is kind of difficult to format into a list of understandable terms to print out and check off, I decided to make an acronym with the things I imagine will show up in my cerebral suitcase once we arrive and I open it up. Here is a quick preview, spelling out L.O.S.T. B.O.Y.S.

L—Lovely positivity

O— Organic thinking

S—Spry (to be full of life)



B—Beautiful appreciation

O—Outgoing attitude

Y—Youthful knowledge


These seem like just words on a page to some, but in the past 7 weeks, these words have developed a genuine symbolic meaning with an array of things that they represent. These words hold substance behind them for me and my classmates. If I had to synthesize all of the emotions that I’m feeling at this point in time, it could go in any direction right now but, I would say in one word, I am grateful. I’m expecting the unexpected, and I’m continuing to pack up my cerebral suitcase. Here’s to destination unknown. At least if the airline loses my luggage, I’ll still have all of my essentials right here with me.



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