Happy March 1st!

What’s in: getting excited for this trip!!   What’s out:  stressing over midterms!

            It’s the night before we leave Harrisonburg for our trip and the excitement is kickin’ in. I don’t even care about packing because I just want to go already! I’m literally just throwing things into a bag.

We’ve spent these past weeks reading, learning and discussing what we’re going to experience but now we’re finally going do it! I’m most excited about going through this with my class. You guys intimidated me at first but I’ve realized that we’re all going to experience something new and we’re in it together.

            I already know that this trip will be challenging. Meeting and experiencing new things is an adventure but you need a certain amount of courage to go through it. As friendly as JMU is, I’m not sure how much of it has prepared my friendlieness. I’m feeling nervous that I might not be as friendly or say the right things. We’ve hyped this trip up and I’m starting to get jitter bugs! So much will be going on and I’m praying for a lot of energy this week so I can take as much out of this trip as I can.

Can’t wait to hang out with all of you and meet so many cool & awesome & inspiring people!! 



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