What’s the World Without Enigma? by Sam

Fear and misunderstanding, discussed often, can be a bridge between the possible and the impossible, between disappointment and satisfaction. What now? I’ve lived. I’ve been altered. I was in a dream the first week back, but now I’m here, back at JMU, and the dream world is vanishing.  Addictions are back. Relationships altered. Love gained. Friendship made. Now what? Now it’s fading, but I’m desperately trying hard for it not to change. Week three back from the trip; the journal still in my possession, for Aaron can’t read it till all possible pages have been filled with the blunder filled ramblings that attempt to make sense of my life ahead, of the thoughts stirred up from a week long excursion in a cacti filled desert. What’s left after you’re captured in the moment but then the moments been released, and you succumb to the rigors of life’s other paths?  Some memories survive, change your entire being, and change your life path creating new goals, new movements to get behind.  Other memories or ideas, they die, slowly waning away like a balloon left to float into the sky. They are lost, unable to be recounted for. So how then, with these issues pressing, can I make sense of it all, can I make myself literally not forget the experiences and the care held in my heart during those talks with some of the Lost Boys?  How can I make a lasting impression within my own self, my own mind? Where does it start? This blog? More readings in class? Having impromptu lunches with my ASB family? Yes, family, not just friends, but family.  They helped mold me into something new, something unique; they were there for the altering experiences.  My group, I adore them. They mean so much to me, I truly appreciate relationships created with them, for they share an experience others can’t begin to image when I speak my stories.  With every evocative word pronounced, the images will not come to the others; the feelings will be lost on them. I just hope that these memories and emotions aren’t lost on me.  How can we hold on?  I want this happiness to keep coming, the joy felt after hearing Koor’s words that I’m in control of my life each day I wake up.  How must I make the stressors, which constantly drain our glasses half empty, be concocted into something making the glass half full? Overfill it with hope and education on the topics at hand.

When the voice gets suppressed from its human counterpart we begin to lose something powerful within us; we begin to lose an expression of ourselves.  Non-verbal emotions are yes, a key to understanding; but sometimes, things need to be voiced, heard out loud, and heard from the masses for an effect to be made.  When voices rise together, it becomes harder to stifle the sound.  However, when voices begin to be heard, disparities evolve. Often times, when an individual or a group brings up new topics, distinctly separate from the daily world they participate in, questions are posed by their societal counterparts.  Many of us from the trip have seen this first hand.  We’ve come back to our home at JMU, where friends have expected us to act one way, and now, after this experience, we find ourselves hiding in separate rooms at a party to discuss topics such as Joseph Kony, how much our group loves one another and how much we loved that trip.  “People just don’t get it” we say to ourselves, through the friendly banter held.  But now, I ask, how can we make them get it?  It’s a simple stated answer but a long winded practice; “we make them”. 

The newly popularized, media madness created Invisible Children video is inspiring millions. This 29 minute, 59 second long video created to discuss the movement to stop Joseph Kony has over 85 million view hits, and is stirring up controversy with each click of the download button.  Society is based on different spectrums in which we live. Therefore, none of us can share the same viewpoint on every topic.  Obvious, yes.  There lies agreement, disagreement, and of course indifference.  But which is worse? Our class now feels an agreement towards the movement. We’ve learned of the different struggles that life presents to people who aren’t as blessed as others.  Some feel disagreement, arguing that social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are actually making bad messages more effective.  I guess the question then becomes are these bad messages?  Is knowing about something happening in a different country that doesn’t affect your day-to-day life worth knowing about? And taking it one step farther is it even worth caring about?  When people don’t understand the different ends of the spectrum, let alone the muddle in-between, then they don’t want to support the movement.  There’s ultimate controversy over if the money collected by the Invisible Children organization is actually going to Uganda, to help stop Kony.  When new voices begin to be heard, ears begin to speculate.  However, we must keep educating ourselves and others on the issues.  The indifference shall be erased, for these issues do matter, because not everyone has the resources to create a means to the end.  

Sometimes, things can be so misunderstood.  But what’s the world without enigma?



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