Weekend with the Lost Boys- a friendly reminder

Having been over a month since returning from Phoenix, our class has faced many obstacles and incredible experiences. It has been an enormous feeling being able to transmit our energy from the trip back into the JMU community. However, many of us have struggled with transmitting that energy to the capacity that we are cable of.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of two of the Lost Boys coming to visit. Koor Garang and Sam Ruot flew out to DC Thursday night. I drove up with our professor to pick them up and bring them back to Harrisonburg. Although the Lost Boys were here to speak about their non profit and other things related, I was not able to attend this assembly. However, I still felt that I was able to get the perfect fix of time with them by being with them Thursday and Friday. Being able to show them around JMU and Harrisonburg, the way they showed us around their lives, was an amazing feeling. Having two of the most impactful people, and friends, being in our environment, offered me a feeling of fulfillment. It was as we had the coolest kids in the world visiting us, and that we were able to show them off to all of our friends. One of the most incredible things we were able to do was lobby in Downtown Harrisonburg about the Kony2012 Bill. Having Koor and Sam there helped show our peers how serious and committed we were.

Even the carride home from the airport was a great experience. The simple conversations we had in the car, paired with laughs and funny moments, reminded me of the incredible friendships and bonds we made during our time in Arizona. It also helped remind me that although we are separated by distance, we are also united by compassion. Every single one of us still cares and makes this issue important to us, and having each other to be reminded of that is essential.

This week and next, we will all be working on refugee advocacy on campus, as well as a furniture drive for local refugees. Although finals are in full swing, we all feel so committed to making this an equal priority. Having Koor and Sam visit last weekend was the perfect way to remind us of the changes we can make individually and collaborately. I am looking forward to what will unfold in the near future. Having the summer begin in just a few weeks, I am thrilled knowing that many more great things are to come, and hopeful that more change will be made.


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