A weekend at JMU -Gina

Greetings Earthlings!

Last weekend our friends Sam and Koor came to JMU! It was awesome. We hosted an event that Koor spoke at. He talked to a crowded room (I’m so happy my friends came too! Thanks guys!) about his journey as a refugee and what he does now to help is new country! I felt really excited seeing Koor share his story to my friends and fellow students. It’s almost like they got a clip of our trip to Phoenix because we heard so many inspiring stories and there was no way of me properly explaining to my amigos how I felt when listening.

After the event, we participated in Cover the Night but because our campus is very strict with putting up posters, in fact putting up anything on campus, we didn’t get to decorate as much as I wished we could.

We had dinner with Sam and Koor and the FIRST ASB group who went to Phoenix last year.

On Saturday morning, Jamie and I woke up REALLY EARLY to drive Sam and Koor to Charlottesville for a radio interview. Sam and I sat in the room with Jamie and Koor while they were on-air chatting about our trip to Phoenix. Jamie did an awesome job reppin’ EraseIndifference and our class. Koor was on a roll with sharing his story. I’m not sure how Sam felt, but I definitely fell asleep for half of the interview cause it was too early for me.

We drove back to Harrisonburg a little more relaxed. I think we were nervous and tired before the interview. But Sam and Koor chatted with us about traveling and college.

In the afternoon, everyone went to the Beer Festival downtown but I’m not 21…so I didn’t go. BUT! I was still excited for Koor and Sam to see our side of life in Harrisonburg and I hope they have a fun visit!


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