The Happenings and Scarcities of Genocide

Genocide does not just happen on a whim. There are several motivators and methods that influence a group of people to put into their minds thoughts of persecution and discrimination that flourishes into genocide. With the use of motivation, the perpetrators believe that the persecuted group has something that they want, which helps them develop a plan into getting what they want by attempting to destroy those that have it. I feel that in some cases, the perpetrators’ view of the situation and motivation can influence the bystanders of their country that aren’t affected by either group, which helps form a stronger bond between the perpetrators and their citizens in the majority. In the reading, I found that leadership was a critical area that affected how a genocide would happen. For example, Hitler was a great speaker and commander with good charisma, which helped him control Germany with an authoritative rule, which then resulted in the mass extermination of the Jews. He was a horrible man, but had great leadership skills. Being able to influence the vast majority of a country as well as having the motivation to getting what they want (with Hitler’s case: exterminating all the Jews, homosexuals, handicapped, etc. to create an Aryan race) is an effective way of how genocide unfolds into a country.

I feel the issue of scarcity is an important topic in terms of genocide in the third world. I feel that the perpetrators of the genocide don’t always look at the big picture and do not understand how much they can be affected by the scarcities that will be found following the genocide. Scarcities include political and economical problems that result in social chaos in the affected country. I feel that these problems really are the tipping point to destruction and poverty of these countries within genocide. Scarcity is a big deal that I feel is hard to control and get rid of. With degradation and the destruction of natural resources during the genocide, these countries are unable to produce products resulting in economic drops and loss of profits. Scarcities play the role of leading lady in the genocidal opera.

When I think of the violence and poverty held in third world countries such as Rwanda and Ethiopia, I think of what I see in media, like the commercials where you can save a child or give them fresh water for a week. They give off a very one-dimensional aspect to the many dimensional life these people are actually going through. This reading went against the idea that these countries are struggling with more than just material issues. The role of scarcity goes further into the process of dismantling political groups resulting in attempting to maintain the power over the country. This, in return continues to keep the division of the majority and minority farther away from one another. Overall, I feel that my understanding of the role of scarcity has changed in response to genocide.



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