Life as a Refugee

My understanding of a refugee is that they are a person who has left their country during a time of war. It also may happen due to natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanos, floods) that leave a person homeless and in need of a destination. Refugees can face all sorts of violence due to their race, religion, or political views. These people often struggle through the hard times without food, water, and shelter. Many die on their journey as the search for a new place to settle down. 

As privileged Westerners, I believe that there is something we can do this help these people. We can provide refugees with the essentials like food and water that they need to survive. We can set up camps or hospitals to bring refugees in and give them a place to stay. We can also be more proactive and try to prevent the outbreak of war and discrimination that usually forces them to leave their homes. Finally, we can educate each other on the current situations and struggles that refugees face, so that they may feel compelled to do something to help. 



One thought on “Life as a Refugee

  1. I completely agree. As westerners, we have the money to be able to completely change these people’s lives. I feel informing our public about the issues involving refugees could really help more people understand what is happening outside of the US.

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