Thoughts on Refugees

Honestly, I am still not quite sure if I completely understand what a refugee is and the issues surrounding them. A refugee to me is someone who has felt persecuted and discriminated by a group in their home country causing them to feel the need to flee their home in an attempt to find safety and protection. I read recently that there are currently around 10 million people who are considered refugees in the world, which is an astonishing number to say the least. I never really thought of the issues of those who are refugees prior to this class. But what I have found in the slim amount of information I have read prior to this week of class opened my eyes to some of the issues these persecuted people have gone through.

I have realized that the persecution that these refugees go through may not always be due to their race or religion. People have been discriminated and persecuted by their gender, sexual orientation, mental capabilities, etc. These people fear the wrath of the hatred that the majority groups in their country cover over them. They would rather seek refuge in camps hosted away from their homes to protect their lives and family from certain death. And honestly those camps are not always the safest places for them even though those dangers may be safer than the perils in their home country.

Refugee camps are not the complete safe haven that I assumed they would be. People may be safe from the persecution yet they still don’t have certain essential amenities that would be usually offered. Food sources and healthcare are vacant in several camps especially in Africa as the midst of civil conflict is rampant. I feel that some refugee camps could be seen as corrupt but overall I feel the right idea is put into fruition and they are saving lives from dying from persecution. But these people need to be set free from their persecutions and should be able to go back to their home country without the fear of death lingering outside their house.

Honestly, I feel that my privileged life as a westerner has influenced the way I feel about refugees. I am a little ignorant about what truly these people are dealing with in these camps and in their countries, but I feel that a majority of American citizens could be in the same boat. I feel as one of the prominent world leaders the United States has quite an influence on how we deal with the issues of refugees. I feel that we have the ability to get something that isn’t as visible in the media and be able to promote the issues of refugees allowing more people to have the knowledge of their lives. We have the capabilities to fully help these people who are refugees with the many non-profit organizations dealing with helping in their struggle for freedom and destruction of these prejudice views of their home country. We just need to love on these people.




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