“I hope to GIVE as a result of this trip”

As a 22–year-old college senior, although I am currently earning a Bachelors degree in Arts and Letters, I could also be earning a masters in receiving. I have a huge generous family that I have been lucky enough to have to provide for me but also push me to use the resources available to better increase my knowledge, skills and abilities. Shamefully, most of these activities have been self-serving. It was not until recently when I took a trip with friends to Mexico and was truly disgusted in my gluttonous use of funds that I realized I could be using my resources and opportunities for a purpose greater than my personal enjoyment. After 22 years of flagrant reception, although I am embarrassed to say it took me so long, I am ready to transform this cycle into one that includes more than just my small corner of the world in which I am at the center.

My senior year of college has been a time of reflection not only on use of my time here at James Madison but what all of the activities and experiences mean when I move beyond college. When presented an opportunity to exchange a frivolous endeavor for something that is bigger than myself, I jumped at the chance. Being that I am a communication studies major and the class surrounding our trip to Phoenix is a communication studies course, I feel as though I can use my acquired knowledge to make the first of many steps toward the type of adult I want to be. Going to Phoenix, I hope to be knowledgeable of the culture and needs of the Lost Boys and help in whatever way I can. I am very excited to use my skills that were once acquired with a selfish spirit to finally do some true giving. -Caroline


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