“We all came here from somewhere”

Before beginning this class and learning more in-depth about refugees and the refugee camps, I truly had no idea what the camps even were or their true purpose. As this class has gone on, I have slowly begun to learn little by little about the refugee camps, but all in a positive light. They were a place that the refugees could come to escape the harsh realities of their homes and could have meals and somewhere to sleep at night. All of this sounded amazing to me. I was so glad that organizations cared enough to create temporary homes for these people to escape from the violence. Well this week has been enlightening to say the least. I read things about the refugee camps I never would have expected. The grim conditions in which they all live and the stigma attached to the refugee camps is appalling and sad. A sentence or quote rather that really stuck out to me was, “Beyond the function of the camps for emergency rescue, they are inscribed in this broader perspective: formation of a global space of humanitarism management of those of the planet’s population who are most unwanted and undesirable.” This was shocking and downright upsetting. Why are these people, who are ESCAPING THE CRUELTY OF OTHERS, now the undesirable and unwanted? The camps should be a place of joy and possibility, not a holding yard for people to be treated like animals. Serious reform needs to occur in order to change these policies and stigmas. There should be faster transitions into resettlement and better standards for living, and I hope one day that their will be no articles to read about the shocking conditions of refugee camps but ones about powerful stories of refuge and progression.



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