Another Day, Another Dream

The articles this week made me think of dreaming.  Dreams of where I might move or vacation when I graduate this May. Dream of whom I might marry and what type of house we will live in and how many kids we will have. Dream of the career path I take from my education. Even Dream of what I’m going to eat for dinner this weekend, who I will hang out with and what activities we will do. Basically dream of every little thing I have to look forward to. Dreams are the best. Dreams give me the motivation to get through a stressful day because I know I have something to look forward to later.
I can’t imagine a life without dreams or goals that I know won’t come true. I know some of my dreams aren’t the most realistic but I know for a fact some will be accomplished. It’s heartbreaking to think that for some refugees their dream careers aren’t going to come true because all the odds are against them. In some of the cases like those from the article, Bhutanese refugees in Nepal frustrated by lack of progress, students receive an education in the refugee camp. They have dreams of becoming doctors, teachers, or accountants. In some cases a lifetime of waiting for a displaced person in a refugee camp dream careers and optimism are slowly gone. Freedom to go and come as a refugee pleases isn’t an option. Freedom to sell their skills and earn a decent living to live where anywhere is not in their control. What is one supposed to do with his or her life but wait and hope that resettlement is a possibility?

I would go nuts living in limbo! Especially a limbo that is not always safe or comfortable. One can’t even pretend it’s like an extended vacation in a hotel because that’s not a option and neither is leaving! It’s a hard thing to imagine reading about it and talking about it, but actually living it is a completely different story.



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