Just let them live in peace.

images-1The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country of Southeast Asia bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, and Thailand.

The r4342794-4x3-700x525_5isk of genocide in Burma is extremely high because of actions of their government. Under organized discrimination, the ethnic minority, of the Muslim Rohingya is having their human rights taken away. People of the Rohingya ethnic group are being stripped of their identities. In order to have any type of rights/citizenship, people are resorting to reclassify as “Begali” to obtain citizenship. The Burma Backgrounder mentions, tens of thousands people are now becoming displaced; forced to move to other regions of the country in internally displaced person camps, or to other countries all together. Military government troops, who should be the ones protecting the civilians, are reportedly committing thousands of executions, torture, rape, forced labor, forced relocation and burning down churches, schools and villages. Just in case the military government hasn’t made the peoples lives miserable enough, the Burmese government continues to use child soldiers despite the June 2012 signing of a joint statement with the United Nations to end the use of child soldiers.

            In aims to aid and end the further minority violence there have been fourteen peace talks since 2011 have taken place, but haven’t had much of an impact on the current situation. Necessary Action that needs to take place according to the Burma and Myanmar: Global Centre for Responsibility, is Burma/Myanmar must uphold its Responsibility to Protect all populations, regardless of their ethnicity or religion in addition to abolish the Rakhine Action Plan and end discrimination against the Rohingya. Sanctions are an important tool for encouraging further change. The sanctions that are still in place against Burma should remain intact until there is improvement that is real and helps the welfare of the ethnic minorities.



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