The Responsibility to Protect- Iraq

In 2010 hundreds of thousands of citizens of Iraq fled to Syria after violence broke out in their country. This violence was a direct response to the war in 2003 that removed Saddam Hussein from power.At this time the country of Iraq was in a fragile state, this led way for the extremist group ISIS to come to power.

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Currently, ISIS operates both sides of the Iraq- Syria border and has terrorized both countries. ISIS crimes in both countries may be defined as targeted killings, forced conversions, slavery, and sexual abuse.

2014 was the deadest year for Iraq. The UN reported a minimum of 12,280 civilians murdered. While, 2 million civilians were displaced.

ISIS continues to kill and attack based on ethnic and religious minorities( i.e. Christians, Shabak, and Turkomen). Shia militia have been responding against the Sunni civilians. On October 14th, it was reported that the Shia militia ,backed by the government,have been abducting and killing Sunni civilian men in Baghdad.

Normally other countries do not get involved, however on August 8th the United States began airstrikes around Sinjar to prevent potential genocide.

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The United States are not the only one in the fight against ISIS, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Morocco, the Netherlands, the UK and now France have joined.
Some things that are making this fight more challenging is the fact that the Syrian population is increasing in Iraq. There are 3 million internally displaced people in Iraq, this number also includes Syrians. This puts the country in a poor economic state. Also, resources are depleting quickly. These people are running out of their basic needs.
“The Iraqi government is unable to uphold it’s Responsibility to Protect and needs ongoing international assistance.”
– Sam

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