A Change in Perspective

I recently came across an article while skimming through my favorite social media content website, Buzzfeed, titled “UN: Potentially Hundreds of Boys Abducted From A South Sudan School.” When I am carelessly scrolling through this app, I often am just passing time taking quizzes such as “Based on your horoscope where should you travel this month,” so I was taken aback to see such a heavy article. I wonder if I was not taking this class and learning about the atrocities in Africa, would this article even jump out at me? Would I even have cared? It is amazing what a few short weeks taking a class can do for one’s perspective. I went from clueless to becoming passionate about a subject. This information matters to me and I want more than anything to educate others on what is occurring. If I had gone right over the article, how many others would have too?


“Children Seized From South Sudan School Not Released Yet.” http://www.unicef.org/media/media_80789.html

February 28th, 2015: Only one week from this date, UNICEF reported that 89 children were involuntarily taken as child soldiers. Now, they claim that this number could be exponentially higher. Despite many extensive searches, no one has been able to locate the children. Staff members from UNICEF and UN Monitoring, assert that the “Shilluk Militia under the control of Johnson Oloni” were the armed group that captured the children.




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