Ready to gain some more perspective

Last Wednesday we had a couple, Suzie and Paul, come in and talk to our class about their country, The Democratic Republic of Congo, also referred to as DRC. I thought them coming in and speaking with us was awesome. Being able to actually hear what is going on in a country from someone who has either lived through it or has family in the country carries much more weight than reading about what is happening in the country. Talking to people is always more personal and it helps build a relationship or a connection to what is going on overseas. Talking to people helps me with the readings because I can think about the person I had a conversation with while I read and have more of a reaction to the reading. I have found that toward a lot of issues I have become desensitized because I don’t know what to do or I just ignore it and not try to learn more. When a person is standing right in front of me I can’t help but understand and care more to do something about whatever they are informing me on. We asked for advice about how to move forward with the situations in DRC and other locations that have similar conflicts and it was a simple answer: talk about it by spreading the stories. How easy is that? Talking. Sharing a story with a friend or family member. Talk about it enough and the story will spread and eventually get to the right places to create change. Change is already happening by not keeping it quite and speaking up.

The trip to Phoenix is right around the corner and I am most excited to listen to what other people have to say and learn how I can spread their stories. I think I like listening to other people because their story has some happiness for me because I see them in a safe place and away from everything that isn’t great. Now that I say that though it sounds bad because it’s like I’m searching for a silver lining or how I can make it positive but being forced to leave your home isn’t something positive. I don’t know what exactly I’m looking for but I know I’m ready to listen and take in anything and everything people want to share with me about resettling.



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