Black and Blue or White and Gold?

Black and blue or white and gold? The debate of the Tumblr phenomenon known as the “demon dress” flooded social media last week. My timeline on Twitter was almost exclusive to people reacting to the color of the dress with outrage and confusion.

A DRESS. How did a seemingly ugly dress create such a huge dialogue across all platforms of social media? We live in a world where about 805 million people do not have enough food to live a healthy lifestyle. We live in a place where women and children are sexually assaulted every single day, but yet we choose to focus our attention on a dress.

I am not afraid to admit that I entertained this silly dress debate for far too long. But soon after I stopped arguing for team #whiteandgold, I realized if we could collectively spend as much time and effort arguing or even talking about things that matter (hint: not a dress), changing the world wouldn’t be such an impossible task.

Genocide. IT MATTERS. IT’S HAPPENING. So lets talk about it. Lets tweet about it and share stories on Facebook to raise awareness. Seven weeks into this course and a few short days away from the trip of a lifetime, I realize I can’t stop and I won’t stop talking about this (sorry followers). I know far too much to ignore the fact that innocent people are being persecuted on a daily basis. This is not mean’t to be some long-winded rant about millennials like me, who warrant too much attention to unimportant things. But rather a small attempt to encourage others to create a dialogue about things that matter.



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