“No One Can Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone.”

WE ARE HERE! This is a day late but hey still very exciting! Lets just say the past two days have been days of firsts for me. I am not the type to push myself and often get easily defeated. If I have the slightest inclination of fear or failure, I do not do it. I knew from the beginning that we were going to hike in Sedona, which was AMAZING by the way, but I did not know the challenge that it would present me with. Like I have said, I am scared of being defeated and feel ashamed when I mess something up. So, we are climbing these beautiful mountains in SEDONA, ARIZONA and could feel myself mentally giving up. I could not help but get even more upset with myself for having a bad attitude in such a breathtaking atmosphere. When we made it to the top and all was said and done, I was proud. I was proud of myself for one of the first times in years. I did something I did not think I could do. This was huge for me. 11026014_10203869087478935_5519997321402733455_n

Needless to say, yesterday rocked. (Get it? 😉 )





Day 2: Today has brought out so many emotions for me. First, we got to go to the dollar store and spent so much money to buy products for the refugees. We bought over 300 items! How cool is that?! Once that was finished we worked as a team to assemble the goods in our huge van and to create separate bags for the two families we met today! The first family were refugees from Somalia. They had ten members and arrived in December 2014. The second family were refugees from Somalia too and but had 7 members and arrived in November 2014.

While visting the second family, we all got to go outside to play with thIMG_0189e children. We started off with an innocent game of jump rope that evolved into a circle of helicopter with more and more children from the apartment complex. As the game grew more exciting, we began to see little faces emerge from each apartment. The moms grabbed chairs and the dads grabbed their cameras to capture these precious moments of pure joy in their children. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The unadulterated bliss pouring from these children was the most rewarding thing I have seen in a very long time.

IMG_0198 IMG_0210With this exciting time, brings a heavy heart. The goodbye was far more difficult than I could have imagined. I can still see this sweet girls face who wouldn’t smile at the beginning to grinning from ear to ear at the end. I wanted to hold on to her forever. The reality began to set in as we were driving away and the children were running after our van; we just made an impression on these children. If this is any indication of how this week will go, all I can say is bring.it.on.



-Casey LaPrade


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