Why reading Human Rights Watch is essential


In case you didn’t know, you need a subscription to Human Rights Watch. This free, weekly e-newsletter is written by an independent, international and investigative group that uses journalism to expose mass violations of human rights and their platform to pressure those in power to make decisions to regain or protect human rights in jeopardy. They write over 100 reports a year to the UN sharing their findings and solutions to conflicts in the 80 countries their reporters investigate. Given a four star r   anking on Charity Navigator, this group prides themselves on their unbiased, detailed and accurate fact finding. images-1

The effort began in 1975 under the name Helsinki Watch to monitor government compliance with the Helsinki Accords and “name and shame” it’s offenders. Over the course of the next 13 years, they acquired Americas, Asia, African and Middle East Watch and by 1988 officially became Human Rights Watch. Since it’s origination, the group has remained concentrated on “deep rooted changes in policy, law and public opinion”. They believe by documenting violations of human rights chances of offender accountability and appropriate sanctions will increase while decreasing the numbers of future offenders.images-2images-3

Many forums of information sharing are available through the organization. On their website is posted articles, videos, basic Q&A on pressing issues and open letters to the officials involved. In case this is the first article you have read on this blog, gaining knowledge and sharing it with others is the only way to end oppression and mass violence many of the countries we write about have been experiencing. Human Rights Watch is on the forefront of erasing indifference! Visit the site here to see for yourself (and to have something in common with Ashton Kutcher and Ben Affleck).



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