Taking Matters into Our Hands- STAND

logoSTAND was born during the genocide in Darfur. Students from Georgetown University could not ideally stand by. They created Students Taking Action Now in Darfur. This organization was created to make noise when the government fails to act. STAND has been a completely independent organization since it was founded. Additionally, STAND is a grassroots organization that completely student-run. The organization works to end and prevent mass atrocities. These students are united to end genocide. They work together to let the current elected officials know that ending genocide is a priority. STAND has students from across the nation involved in this campaign. The key for these students is to organize, educate, and advocate.


This organization’s goal is to prepare students with the tools they need to build political will. STAND believes the leaders of this organization will be the next generation of thought leaders. Students running this organization provide training programs and annual retreats. The mission of this organization is “to protect civilians from genocidal violence and elected officials are held accountable for their action or in action in the face of genocide.” STAND also creates a sustainable student network that actively fights genocide.divestmentmarching

The structure of this organization is unlike most. There is a Managing Committee, a Task Force, and the Leadership Team. The Managing Committee is made up of 11 students. They are in charge of developing campaigns, advocacy, organizing strategies, policy resources. While the Task Force, is in charge of making everything run efficiently and smoothly.

So far, STAND has been successful in enacting the Sudan Accountability Act and the Darfur Peace and Accountability. With the help of the Obama Administration, STAND has had a successful appointment in the Special Envoy to Sudan and Darfur Diplomat. The have also advocated for the implementation of a No -Fly Zone in Libya.littleboyspeaceGS

STAND has a lot of resources for the general public. There are “one pagers”, which explains the past and present issues on topic. Some of the “one pagers” STAND has right now are about atrocities in Darfur, the continued conflict between South Sudan and Sudan, and the mass killings in Syria. They are in the process of creating two more about the conflict in Burma and the DRC.

There are plenty of resources for teachers too. STAND provides other websites that explains the topic of genocide. There are other websites for activism and education on the current conflicts. There also are trainings and dates for the training.

You can join STAND now! Just email info@standnow.org Get a chapter started at your school or subscribe to their e-newsletter and be up- to -date with the current news on genocide. While checking out their site, check out their blog! http://www.standnow.org/blogjoin

– Samantha Shepherd


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