Put a face to the problem.

I hear about conflicts in other countries through the news, I read articles from numerous sources and yet I don’t do anything about it. I shake it off and move on with my day whatever I see happening over there, isn’t happening over here. I know I’m guilty of ignoring because I feel there is nothing I can do for a conflict so far from home. The only real eye-opening thing that makes me pay attention is putting a face to or with the conflict. When I hear a person tell me their story, I empathize and care more about what is happening across seas. Children are usually a soft spot for a lot of people, one hears something happening to a child and suddenly he or she is more willing to help or research what is happening, once again I am guilty of being one of those people. Today, I saw an article that had a picture of a little Syrian girl holding her hands up in the air with a scared face surrendering to a photographer, thinking the camera was a weapon. The photographer told BCC that normally kids hide their faces, runaway, or smile for the camera, they don’t think it’s a weapon. It’s hard to imagine what the little four year old refugee has seen if she is automatically surrendering to anything that looks like a possible threat. The article also said that the little girl, Hudea, lost her dad in the bombing of Hama, Syria. Hudea, and her mom and two siblings went to Atme Camp at the Turkish border and took refuge. Other people are sympathizing with the little girl too, because her photo has gone viral.


The crisis in Syria started in March 2011, part of the Arab spring. Peaceful protests escalated and rebels begin fighting back against the government. The conflict has made “Syria’s civil war the worst humanitarian disaster of our time,” says Mercy Corps. There are more than none million people displaces thus far and little four year old, Hudea, is one of those people. The civil war has killed over 190,000 people and over half are innocent civilians, one of which was Hudea’s father. After their homes and families are ripped apart people are fleeing to refugee camps in neighboring countries, resulting in over three million Syrian refugees.

I may not be able to help little Hudea, but I can help the people that are here. I don’t have many resources, but I can starting listening, spreading stories, and volunteering my time. What can you do?



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