No Limits

Coming back from our trip we were all in a place of “what now?” We had told our family and friends our stories, showed everyone pictures and reflected on our experiences in Phoenix. As the days passed we had a harder and harder time accepting the fact that we may never see the Lost Boys again or any of the families we had met. When suddenly we had an idea, why not raise money to fly Jany, a Lost Boy, out to JMU? So, we did. Our class wants JMU students to feel the warmth of his personality and get to experience his stories just as we had in Phoenix. This was the perfect solution to our wishful minds.

With his plane ticket purchased, it is now time to plan out the events. We are devoting much of April to increase awareness for this cause. A few of my classmates and I are currently planning a bake sale to raise money, others are planning a screening for the Good Lie, and all of us are working together to utilize social media as much as possible. From creating flyers to recording videos, are excitement for this event can hardly be contained. How silly of us to limit our abilities and think we could never see Jany again.

Jany Deng, a Lost Boy of Sudan, and program director Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development in Phoenix, AZ will be speaking at JMU starting promptly at 5 p.m. on April 23rd. You DO NOT want to miss this!”

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