An Evening with Jany

APRIL 23, 2015: JANY COMES TO JMU! Which means you are too.

Going to Phoenix for spring break, we knew our teacher, Aaron Noland, had a personal connection with the Lost Boys of Sudan and we all were so excited to share this connection with him. At the end of our trip we got to meet some of the Lost Boys of Sudan! Jany is the head of the Lost Boys Center in Phoenix and works hard every single day to educate others on the issues in South Sudan. When we first met him, there was an instant connection to his warm and funny personality. His happiness radiated onto all of us and we understood why Aaron cherished their friendship so much. The night after we met the Lost Boys and spoke more with Jany, we knew that we could not accept the fact of maybe not seeing him again. We knew that we wanted him to come to JMU so we could share this amazing man with our peers. He means so much to each of us and has inspired us in so many ways! We cannot wait for you to have the opportunity to meet Jany and be inspired by his story and his personality!

Please try to come to our event that we have worked so hard to create!

-April 23, 2015
-Grafton Theater on JMU’s campus
-Reception at 4:30
-Speech begins at 5:00




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