5 Reasons Why The Good Lie is a MUST See…

The media today is constantly telling people what to do. However, the media seldom tells you why they are asking so much of you. Well, today I am asking you to come to our event on April 15th at 7pm. Erase Indifference will be showing The Good Lie at James Madison University’s Miller Hall room 101. The difference between the media and me is, I am going to give you 5 reasons why you should go to this event.

  1. You can learn about the Lost Boys of Sudan.

The term Lost Boys of Sudan was given to the large population of young boys that were displaced after the civil war in Sudan. The Good Lie beings in Sudan, following the journey of a group of boys and one girl as they seek refuge after their village has been attacked. The movie builds as it explains the hardships of four main characters as they resettle into the United States as they leave the tribal lifestyle they are accustom to. Watching The Good Lie will help you gain some knowledge about the Lost Boys’ experiences.

  1. You can gain insight into a current world issue.

This movie was not only created to share the experiences of the Lost Boys of Sudan, but to also raise awareness. Genocide is currently happening all over the world. Due to our busy lives, lack of information, and other situational factor can be blind to the fact that this very serious issue occurs everyday. We can stop genocide by watching movies like The Good Lie, and informing others that this is occurring. By doing this, we are starting a dialogue that will encourage people to take action against genocide. To find our more about where genocide is occurring and what genocide is follow this link.


  1. You can gain a new perspective.

The month of April can be stressful for college students. I constantly see posts on social media about how much my peers “hate school” and how much they would “rather do anything else but school”. I believe we, as students, forget that education is a privilege when we are in a fixed environment, such as college or high school. This is because everyone has the same problems around us and there is a lack of diversity in that sense. By going to see The Good Lie, you gain some perspective into the problems you are experiencing.

  1. You can see Reese Witherspoon.

Maybe you are Reese’s biggest fan or dislike her, nevertheless her role in The Good Lie is unlike any other. Reese grows from the antagonist to the protagonist by the end of the film. If you are tired of watching the same old, same old stars on the screen then watch The Good Lie. Reese is unpredictable, easy to identify with, but also not the focal point of the movie.

If this did not convince you, maybe this will…. This event is the preface to a special guest speaker Erase Indifference is planning. We will be having Jany Deng, a Lost Boy of Sudan, come speak to the James Madison University community. I promise you want to see this movie before listening to Jany speak!

– Sam


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