How Just Sitting & Listening Can Create Change

In class, we often talk about how we could make it easier for people to want to get involved in change, and in my last blog post I discussed how to get others involved in an issue that you care about but that they have no interest in. This week I want to work off of that idea and explain why just sitting and listening to someone speak can be a major facilitator for change.

As we have been advertising, Erase Indifference is very proud and excited to be hosting Jany Deng at JMU on April 23rd! We are so thrilled to be able to see our friend again, but even more so because we get to introduce him to our community. We have worked incredibly hard this semester on issues of genocide awareness and refugee resettlement advocacy that we want everyone we meet to be able to see the personal connection that we have to both of these causes.

By encouraging our friends and fellow JMU students to come listen to Jany speak, we are offering an introduction to the issue that requires very little effort. What could be easier than having someone who knows a situation first hand lay it all out for you? We have in essence “shrunk” the work required to understand and made it very accessible for everyone, whether you’re involved in global issues or not. For those who want to become involved but feel the barrier to entry is too large, Jany’s speech is going to be a very easy way for them to begin to engage this issue.

The reason that we have been pushing so hard for people to want to come is because one, we really do care about Jany (quite simply put, he rocks), but the second and more important reason is that we believe that if others just take the time to sit and actually hear what Jany has to say, that they will feel the same passion that our group felt the first time we met him. We want others to want to become as active as we are, and hopefully, we can make a difference.

Here is the link to the Facebook event for more information:

We hope to see you there!



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