Why Meet Jany Deng?


10,000+ have died since the fighting began in December 2013. 50,000 children risk death from famine and lack of resources. 1.9 million have been displaced from their homes at the threat of death and starvation. When will it stop? When will the time come to end the violence and horror that has displaced so many from their homes in South Sudan?

Jany Deng grew up and lived in South Sudan until the Civil War in Sudan broke out between the years of 1983-2005. He was one of the Lost Boys who was displaced from the Second Sudanese Civil War and he walked between 700-1,000 miles to seek refuge. He not only has inspired me, but he is an inspiration to the world. He came to the United States and is now the Program Director of The Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development. Going from a refugee to a director of his own Center, he has grown and inspired those around him.

Jany has a spirit for life like no one I’ve ever met. He is unbelievably positive and optimistic and his laughter is contagious. He is constantly smiling, and he is also incredibly educated and willing to teach you and let you learn too. I had the pleasure of meeting him for 2 days. 2 days, and I felt more inspired and passionate about a humanitarian issue in those 2 days then I ever have before in my life. Knowing that someone has experienced losses and seen tragedies, yet has gone on to improve life for themselves and help those others who are left to suffer consequences in his home state is an unbelievable gift.

If you don’t feel inspired or need a source of inspiration, come listen to Jany. He will make you re-think your perspective on life in the most positive way.

An Evening with Jany Deng

April 23rd | 5:00 PM | Grafton

Statistics found from the South Sudan “Who’s At risk?” Page on The United to End Genocide page. If you’d like more information, check it out here.



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