…11 days until what you ask? An Evening With Jany Deng, of course!!

Who is Jany Deny?

Jany is a Lost Boy of Sudan who fled Sudan during the civil war between 1983 and 2005. After being forced to flee his home, Jany walked hundreds of miles to a refugee camp where he spent several years. Since coming to the United States as a refugee, Jany has helped found the Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development, where he currently serves as the director. Jany is passionate about helping South Sudan become stable since earning its independence in 2011.

Why come see Jany?

Jany is an incredibly amazing person. Besides that fact that his personality is infectious, he has that most beautiful outlook on life and the future. Just talking to Jany for an hour I feel like I have learned such a better understanding for the situation in South Sudan and where my place is to help. Jany is incredibly knowledgeable and understands that spreading knowledge is key to developing South Sudan. You’ll be able to listen to Jany’s story, hear his opinions on the current situation in South Sudan, and even ask questions!

With my days at JMU dwindling, I am beginning to look back at my college experience. I’m looking back on the concerts I didn’t go to, the classes I didn’t take, and the opportunities I skipped. Although I had a blast during my four years, there are certain things I wish I had done, certain things that I just didn’t make the time for. At the beginning of my senior year I made a choice to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace opportunities I have never experienced before. I wish I had taken this class freshmen year, I wish it were possible to make this class a requirement. This class has given me a new perspective on the world that I just didn’t care to see before. Even though last month of school can be stressful with classes coming to an end, you don’t want to miss Jany (move around you’re schedule and make time to come see him)! It’ll only take a few hours out of your day (it can even serve as a study break, or a great way to procrastinate), PLUS it is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. To gain some perspective on Jany’s story, come out and see The Good Lie, featuring Reese Witherspoon. But most importantly, check out Jany Deng speaking at JMU!!!!

The Good Lie
April 15, 2015
7:00 PM
Miller Hall 1101
April 23, 2015
5:00 PM
Grafton Theater

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