How to Keep Up With It All

The end of the year has been a whirlwind of activity, with final papers and projects and getting ready for Jany’s visit – our class has been working non-stop! But it’s good because I feel a sense of accomplishment. Besides April being an extremely busy month, it seems that April 15th in itself is a hugely important day! Tonight we have our first event pre-Jany which is a presentation of the movie The Good Lie (Miller Hall at 7pm!). April 15th also marks two years since the Boston Marathon bombing, and one year since 219 school girls were abducted in Nigeria by Boko Haram.

I’d like to say that I remembered all three important events on my own, but to be honest, all three have been broadcasted on social media. Lately, I have been so wrapped up in school work that I forget there is a world outside of Harrisonburg, Virginia. Social media has honestly been the best way for me to stay up to date on things that are happening. I want to highlight that social media is so very important for being able to advocate for issues that you care about. One organization that helps with this that I really like is Messengers of Humanity. They make it so simple for you to be able to share important global humanitarian issues. You connect via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and Messengers of Humanity sends you emails with pre-written updates and all you have to do is click “share now”. So simple!

This is imperative because it encourages us to take action in a very easy way. We don’t even have to do the research and compile a post because they do that for you! (This is not to say that you shouldn’t research what you post, it just saves time). It makes you, the ordinary person, a humanitarian. It places the spotlight on forgotten crises and enables us to easily make a difference.

Want to become a Messenger of Humanity? Follow the link and sign up:



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