Go Into The World….

“Go into the world and do well, but more importantly go into the world and do good.”

This quote is something that has more meaning in my life than one. From graduating college in three weeks to being unsure about my place in advocacy, I am feeling a bit lost. I am in a major time of transition in my life, and this is something that terrifies me. This semester has changed my outlook on life tremendously and has inspired me to spread the word about genocide and refugees across our nation. This entire time I have expressed my regrets about being unaware of this subject and not challenging myself to work in advocacy before this class. I have worked all four years to get a sales job or work in marketing and have had a plan. A plan to work in a marketing field, a plan to make money and provide for myself, a plan to move to North Carolina. Now, these plans are iffy. I have three weeks before I am an “official” adult and I feel like I am traveling in a boat with zero direction.

One of the readings this week made this confusion all seem a little less scary. It was titled, “7 Ways You Can Change the World.” This article made going into advocacy seem less nerve-racking, and more realistic for me. It opened up my eyes to see that I can work in the field I want and participate in advocacy in my own ways.

1.) Start small
2.) Be a good neighbor
3.) Highlight an issue
4.) Pay it forward and practice random acts of kindness
5.) Let your values guide your spending and know who you’re doing business with
6.) Pray or meditate
7.) Be authentic in everything you do

Everyone should try to follow these easy guidelines and it could not only make a huge difference to others but can make you feel so great about yourself and your actions!



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