Continuing as an Advocate

A question I often ask myself is how I can continue the work I began in Arizona with my class. Genocide and refugee resettlement is an issue that is easily left in the dark behind issues happening in our backyards. The readings our professor assigned us this week reminded me not to feel overwhelmed.

Monica Bourgeau, in an article posted on The Huffington Post, determined seven ways that you, meaning people just like you and me, can change the world. The two that I needed to hear most were:

Starting small

It is impossible to take on the world; instead, it is important to take small steps to make a change. Each small step will build on the previous step, so the impact you are making is continually growing.

Highlight an issue

Working on one specific issue can create a bigger impact than trying to do it all. Instead, focus on an issue you feel passionate about, gain as much knowledge about that issue as possible, and then advocate for that issue.

For me it is easy to get caught up in my own life, with the semester coming to an end and graduation fast approaching I feel stress that adding anything to my schedule will be too much. However, reading these two recommendations reminded me not to feel overwhelmed. My goal is not to change the world, but to advocate for the change that needs to happen. This is a small step that I can take in helping the world change. By selecting one issue, genocide and refuge resettlement, I can narrow my focus in what I need to be advocating for. Reading these articles showed me that continuing my advocacy does not need to encompass my whole life, rather I need to focus on setting aside a couple hours a week to continue to blog and research genocide and refugee resettlement issues. In doing so, I will be able to continue the advocacy that I have begun in this course.


Title: 7 Ways You Can Change the World
Author: Monica Bourgeau

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