What Happens When You Ask What About Me

How many times a day do we go through life and ask ourselves what about me? We as people have this complexity were we think about our needs before anyone else 24/7. This is not a bad thing at all. Sometimes it is what helps us get the motivation we need to get a college degree or get a job, while other times it causes a riff in mankind. When we are constantly asking ourselves “what about me” we forget about the others around us.

When we come into this world we gain different experiences, we each have our own story to tell. By only asking “what about me” we are loosing the opportunity to enrich ourselves by listening to someone else’s experience. We are a resource for one another. We can help each other achieve the things we desire. We can learn from each other’s experiences. We can develop a community of growth rather than community where mankind is constantly putting each other in a position where we can only think about his or her selves.

Instead of asking ourselves what about me, why don’t we ask ourselves what about the stranger next to me? Why don’t we ask them how their day is going or if we can help them when they look stressed? This answer is simple, we are afraid. We are afraid of being hurt or how the stranger will perceive us or we are afraid that wont is not enough. We go through life only worry about what we can do for ourselves and never wondering how we can help one another.

As human beings, we need to hold each other accountable. We need to start thinking about the person next to us. We need to ask him or her about his or her day and ask for help when we are faced with a problem. It is when we do this we will have a network of people to fallback on when we are faced with tough times and a group of people to look to as a recourse. We can look what we have accomplished individually and inspire one another to do something bigger and better.

Changing the world is something everyone thinks about when they are school or choosing a career path. But what if changing the world was tangible? What if all of us could be agents in changing the world? You don’t have to a doctor or a lawyer or a Nobel Peace Prize winner to change the world. It can be simple. You can start small, start thinking about your neighbor and ask them about their day and find out more about them. From there find out more about your community, what is happening there, is there Farmer’s Market? Learn about an issue that makes you passionate in your community and explain it to your friends. Continue to be kind to strangers; don’t forget how far a little kindness goes. Over and above all, follow your heart. Your heart will guide you and tell you what is ethical and what is unethical.

Challenge yourself to start thinking the person next you and you can be a steward of changing the world.

– Sam


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