The White Privilege Backpack

What is white privilege?


Robert Jensen believes that white people are “privileged but ignore what it actually means”.  That is such an accurate portrayal of the whole concept of white privilege; being unaware of the privilege we are granted just from the color of our skin.  Additionally, the different cultural aspects that make white people more privileged in this society are all lumped together in that “backpack” they carry around.

It is time to unpack this “invisible backpack” and lay everything out on the table, for the world to see.  Once the invisible backpack is unpacked then we will be able to recognize and understand that white privilege is prevalent today.  Maybe once everything is laid out on the table we will be able to use this to make changes in society that will benefit everyone.


Racism is real, we are not in a post-racial world, as much as I would love us to be.  But that does not mean that real changes cannot be made once the invisible backpack is broken down and analyzed.  Society needs to learn how to be more accepting and understanding of differences amongst races, ethnicities, religions, socioeconomic statuses, along with everything else.

We still live in a world where genocide is a very prevalent problem.  Greedy, narcissistic, fearful people create situations that result in mass killings of innocent groups of people.

It is time to take a stand and change the world we live in today.

It is time to create a world of acceptance, this will happen once we are no longer blind to our own privilege and we can change the world and the evils in it.


-Hayley Fox




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