CAR & The War Against Humanity

6Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.03.20 AM.png000 killed.

450,00+ internally displaced.

2.7 million in need of help.

These are simply estimates based on the human rights atrocities and violence that began in Central African Republic in 2013.

CAR gained its independence from France in 1960, but rather than progressing, it was wretchedly followed with decades of instability. The Séléka, a primarily Muslim alliance of rebel militia factions in Sango, overthrew the government in March 2013.

The Séléka alliance was met with opposition. Anti-balaka forces, the Christian militias, sought revenge, not only on the Sélékas, but mostly all Muslim civilians displacing them to areas controlled by the rebel group.

But this wasn’t the end. Although Séléka forces were disbanded by the government, members were vengeful and committed counterattacks.

The ethnic tensions in CAR were great and the country was forced into a state of crisis. CAR was experiencing a war against humanity.

Two years ago in 2014, The United Nations Security Council established MINUSCA in an effort to tame the chaotic state that is CAR. The region, however, continues to destabilize.


Read about the the CAR crisis in 2013 here.

As an individual, there is one significant thing we can be when it comes to global humanitarian atrocities such as this: aware. It is our responsibility as humans to help those who suffer from these crimes against humanity. To take on this responsibility, I encourage you to read more more here.

-Urvi Patel


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