Desperation in South Sudan

Since it’s founding in 2011, South Sudan has been a bitterly troubled nation embroiled in a culture of war and tribal rivalry that threatens to completely destabilize the country. Fighting between Vice-President Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir has left millions on the brink of the biggest famine in human history. Rebel fighters have systematically destroyed villages and driven farmers away from their crops during the important growing season. As such, no food is available during the rainy season leaving millions hungry and desperate. Dinka and Nuer leaders (the two main tribes in South Sudan) need to understand that their actions only hurt the innocent and no one will win as a result of the petty fighting that has occurred and continues to occur. Dialogue sorely needs to happen because both groups only benefit from a peaceful, vibrant, and economically secure nation.

International governments need to do more in order to avoid a complete humanitarian disaster that would be unparalleled in human history. They must also act immediately. Now is not the time for words. Action is what is required. In addition, the corruption that has been exemplified over and over again by the South Sudanese government simply cannot continue if there is any hope of a successful and sustained turnaround.

-Andrew Cooney



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