The First Step’s Always the Hardest

It was just another day at the grocery store- until one small act of kindness turned into a ten thousand dollar reward. Tracy Warshal was waiting in line to checkout when she realized the man in front of her had forgotten his wallet. In response, Tracy decided to pay for the man’s fruit. “We often forget the little things in life that mean the most.. It was just fruit – it didn’t cost more than $8.”

Two weeks later, Warshal was confronted by two men from the Piedmont Cancer Foundation. The man who had forgotten his wallet wanted to thank her, and so he donated 10,000 to the foundation under her name. Warshal was astounded when she heard the news, she by chance had been wearing a Piedmont Foundation shirt that day to the grocery store.

Oftentimes when we come faced with an issue that is seemingly bigger than we are, we fail to start because of fear itself.We think, what’s the use? I’m never going to get this done all by myself. With so many issues going on in the world, it’s easy to get discouraged. This story goes to show that sometimes the first step is always the hardest. And if we are doing good, we can never go wrong.

“I paid for the groceries in the hopes that someone would do the same thing for my loved ones if they were ever in a similar situation. What are the chances…of all the people I could have helped, that this would be how the favor was returned? One person really can make a difference.”


-Carrie Brennan


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