The Little Things

The world needs more positivity.  The world needs a change.  Imagine everyone putting forth a little positivity each day; oh what a difference that would make.

People believe that doing good in the world requires a lot of effort.  Honestly, doing good is pretty easy.  Donating a few dollars to the homeless or buying an abandoned dog food does not require much effort.  So why is doing good seen a huge inconvenience? Who knows.

But don’t fret, there is hope for humanity to make this world a more happy place.  Doing little thoughtful actions can and do make a difference in this world.  Buying a few groceries for the person in front of you at the food store, will more likely than not, make that persons week.  Going out of your way to buy someones gas, could also brighten someones worst day.  Buying some homeless people a few cheeseburgers will not only bring joy to them, but you too!eco_friendly_citizens_of_the_world_unite.jpg

Helping others around you, no matter how small you think the action is, can change lives.  No action is too small.  Any action taken towards positivity and happiness will create more hope for humanity.  Any and all actions count.  So next time you feel generous, buy the persons shampoo and conditioner in front of you in line at Walmart.  I promise, they’re day will be made and so will yours.

Take action, create happiness, work towards making this a more positive world. 


~Hayley Fox


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