Attitude of Gratitude


Attitude of gratitude


With countless headlines from the media about terrorism, the current presidential election, and the refugee crisis it’s hard to not feel hopeless at times. It’s so easy to fall into an endless pit of negativity and view our world as a disgusting and scary place.

…..But that’s where you have to stop yourself and think of everything that’s positive in your life. Taking the time to think about our lives and everything we’re thankful for is so important. I think a lot of us put pressure on ourselves “to make the world a better place” but that’s the problem—

Our job as individuals isn’t to fix the problem(s) in the world— that’s a great feat, far too big to do alone. It’s important to, first, start within.

Imagine how different things would be if everyone took the time to be thankful for what they have. To really self reflect and think of every little thing they are thankful for and why they are so blessed. When I was in high school my Mom told me to always have “an attitude of gratitude” and I can honestly say that that has become my life motto. Now don’t get me wrong- sometimes it’s hard to think of all the reasons I feel so lucky, thankful, and blessed when there are innocent people being killed in places like Turkey, the Ivory Coast, and Belgium. Sometimes I just want to do something that will “change the world” and put an end to such hateful crimes. That’s when I remember that as one person, alone, it’s not my job and it’s not realistic to “change the world”.

What I CAN do is to start with myself and work on my own behavior and outlook on life, and hey, it may just be a domino effect and cause someone else to do the same!

I challenge you to do the same! Start by thinking of little things that you’re thankful for and make a list. It could be anything from finding a good parking spot, to a good grade you got on a test. It has been proven, time after time, that being in a grateful and appreciative state is not only better for your mentally, but also emotionally and physically.

I truly believe that if we take the time to focus on ourselves we will all, collectively, live more meaningful, beautiful, and happy lives. 🙂

Louise hay



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