A Broken System in Need of Fixing

19.5 million people have been forced to seek safety abroad.

19.5 million.

 That number is not fathomable.  These people need help and this change will not happen over night.  Every country needs to be able to aid in assisting the refugees.  Refugees are dumped on predominantly South Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries; who end up taking in 86% of the world’s refugees.  I find it alarming that 86% of refugees are placed in just these three parts of the world.  This is a broken system in need of fixing.


The Numbers

19.5 Million: current number of refugees worldwide

1.45 Million: vulnerable refugees needing resettlement by the end of 2017

86%: percentage of refugees hosted by developing countries


Currently 1.15 million people need to be resettled.  Sadly enough, the world’s richest nations only offer to resettle less than 10% every year.  Lives cannot be saved unless other countries around the world start stepping up and changing the policies currently intact. 

Innocent people will continue to live on the inside of the fence.  Innocent people will never be able to venture on the other side of the fence unless changes are made.  Once the world is entirely aware of what’s going on across so many nations and become invested in the changes, the broken system will change.


It is important to understand change is not impossible.  Little changes can make all of the difference.  The broken system that millions of innocent people face everyday can be changed.  The changes will come once more people become aware of these daunting crimes occurring all over the world.

Open your eyes.

See the change.

Be the change.

~Hayley Fox


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