Tick Tock On the Clock

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes you want it to speed up (like when I’m on the treadmill) and sometimes you want it to slow down. As a senior in college, time seems to be all anyone is talking about. Countdowns until graduation are popping up on social media, and every time I scratch another day off in my planner I cringe slightly. My roommate and I have a “bucket list” of things we must do before graduating and are constantly talking about how we won’t be able to complete it all before graduation. And that is where the problem lies.

Today I read a great article and I realized time doesn’t control me.

Don’t let time be your life’s focus. Instead, focus on the events that are taking up your time. Are you super busy? If so, why are you busy?

My very first day of a leadership class my professor gave our whole class our hardest task. He told us to drop something from our schedule, to quit one of our requirements. I thought he was absolutely insane, but I blindly trusted him. After evaluating all of the activities I was a part of, I was able to identify something that was adding more stress than joy to my life- so I dropped it. I dropped it and never looked back, and this freed up more time for me to do things that I love with people I love.

When people talk about graduation they talk as if life is over. Yes, college is great and I grew so much while making amazing memories with my friends. But I [hopefully] still have a bunch of time left on this earth. And I’ll be damned if I waste all of this time in a job that I don’t enjoy, and vacation days used for doctor appointments.

So what does this have to do with erasing indifference? Well, if you are going to dedicate yourself to this cause, you should be mindful of how you spend your time. You should work hard at eradicating injustice, but keep time for yourself. You can also incorporate small acts of kindness into your life that shouldn’t consume much of your time at all. But really the true reason I wanted to share this post is because I think incorporating mindfulness about how your time is spent will lead to happier lives; and I want you people to be happy.


-Haley Winter




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