525,600 minutes in a year, but who’s counting?

“Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.” – Doe Zantamata

Madonna once sang “Time goes by, so slowly time goes by…” I am here now to say: Madonna you are LIAR! Especially when you’re the decrepit age of 21 and have one-month left of your college career. Days turn into weeks in the blink of the eye and before you know it you’re being forced to buy your cap and gown.

I’ve mentioned before how I am the lucky recipient of the ultimate senior schedule, with loads of free time and the 4-day weekend. But sometimes I feel overwhelmed with guilt because of the free time I have. This leads to the creation of unnecessary errands or desperately creating tasks for myself in order to let my day feel more productive, which in turn makes these precious days go by even quicker.

But you know what? Productivity just needs to take a backseat some days. Sit on the couch and watch hours of TV! Sleep in! Take a nap even after you sleep in! Why should we stress ourselves when we are in taking part in some of the best years of our lives? Taking the time to enjoy the simply joy of nothingness is crucial for our well-being, both mentally and physically. It’s time I started taking time for granted.

I’m a self diagnosed ambivert; I enjoy being social but when I want to be left alone, I’ll make sure I am left alone. Because of this quality, I’m all about the quick response to “how are you?” when I run into someone. Most of the time it’s “I’m good.” But what does it really mean to be “good”? I don’t even know what it means when I answer with it. Taking the time to do some introspection is needed. Much like taking the time to do nothing, it puts everything into perspective.

– Lauren Antilety



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