All Big Things Have Small Beginnings

With the current refugee crisis at the forefront of international news, it’s easy to get stuck in the feeling of hopelessness, the pit in your stomach that screams this is just too big, too hard, too overwhelming to overcome. Yet despite the political debates and the death tolls rising, people are still working together to give refugees a chance of survival, revival, and new life.

In Matt Mellen’s article Sustainable safe havens for refugees, he points out that one in three Britons has contributed to help the refugee situation, and more than 1.8 million households in the UK would offer a refugee shelter. Individuals across the UK have shown immense support for refugees by offering supplies and shelter in the form of caravans and tents to Calais.

With the long winter months soon approaching, an online platform similar to AirBnB offers refugees rooms to rent in the hopes to accommodate the individuals. Known to the german community as ‘Fluchtlinge Willkimmen’ the platform offers refugees temporary shelter while they are waiting to be resettled. Even more impressive is the Sustainable Safe Havens organization. This response to the refugee crisis incorporates sustaining farmland, offering opportunity for the refugees, and immersing the individuals into a supportive community.

While it’s our default to look at the big picture, or in this case the big crisis, sometimes the best antidote to tackling a situation is to take the first small step.

People may believe it’s unrealistic to think the refugee crisis will be completely solved in the future, but more often than not the people who dare to think they can change the world are the ones that actually do. The key is to just take the first small step.

-Carrie Brennan


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