*insert cliché about time here*

Being busy does not equal success.


It isn’t good to constantly be busy, despite the fact that society pushes the idea that being busy equals success. The more we juggle in our lives, the more successful we are seen in the eyes of others. However, when we dig deeper into this topic, we can see that constantly having a checklist of things to do does not equate to success.

Speaking as a very busy college student, who has probably bitten off more than I can chew, I can easily say that I have fallen victim to this very issue. I am guilty of occasionally doing some of my checklist items at half effort, with only the intention of checking the box. Although it may be hard to admit this fact, I’m sure that many of you are guilty of the same offense.

The real issue here, though, is that the value of our time has become lost in the whirlwind of checklist items that we all have to complete on a daily basis. Time isn’t money and there are enough hours in the day.

Time is relative; but in our culture, we have objectified time. Time doesn’t always have to be running out, though. We can still make the most of our time- be productive and successful all while valuing the seconds, minutes, and hours that we are allotted.

If we weren’t always so busy, we would be able to value the things in our lives much differently. We would place more value on our time with others and more importantly so, our time with ourselves.

I’m sure that you’ve all heard the whole “take time for yourself because its important” bit. While it may seem cheesy, that statement is very true. How can we be kind and helpful to others if we do not even allow time to value ourselves?

Your ability to make a change in the world and to spread love to other humans begins with your ability to serve yourself. Make the time, it’s important.




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